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Have you lost your car keys or just need a spare one?

Here is the solution for you.

We can supply normal keys, remote / flip keys, fob keys, remote & key shells.

All keys lost service.

If you are locked out of your car just contact us and we open the vehicle door completely damage free and we make key.

( Proof of ownership required )

Full service: copying/cutting keys and programming, repairing.

- Broken car keys repaired and refurbished
- Spare keys cut and programmed
- Transponder programming
- Lost car keys replaced
- New car keys making
- Vehicle entry


We can do transponder keys. *

A transponder chip disarms a vehicle immobiliser when the car key is used to start the engine. The majority of keys to cars built after 1995 contain transponder chips.
When the car key is turned in the ignition, the engine control unit (ECU) on the car sends an electronic message to the key, and it will allow the car to start only provided it receives the correct message back. So even for a simple car key without any buttons, the key must be cut correctly to turn the locks and also programmed correctly to disarm the immobiliser. Car keys with chips can be programmed by special programmers.

This is the cheapest key we can do.

We can do Remote keys / keyless entry keys. *

Keyless remotes contain a short-range radio transmitter, and must be within a certain range, usually 5–20 meters, of the car to work. When a button is pushed, it sends a coded signal by radio waves to a receiver unit in the car, which locks or unlocks the door. Most RKEs operate at a frequency of 315 MHz for North America-made cars, Japanese and Asian cars and at 433.92 MHz and 868 MHz for European. Modern systems since the mid-1990s implement encryption as well as rotating entry codes to prevent car thieves from intercepting and spoofing the signal. Earlier systems used infrared instead of radio signals to unlock the vehicle, such as systems found on Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other manufacturers.

remote keys

*There may be some models and makes of cars where we won’t be able to provide service due to technical specifications. For more information, please make an enquiry.


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