Ford Focus, C-Max instrument cluster / dash / clock repair £60.

* Intermittent / none start with flashing PATS immobiliser light

* Engine cuts out

* No power, loss of accelerator, or car in 'limp mode'

You will need to remove, suitably package your unit and send it to us in UK. We will then complete the work and send your repaired unit back. No need for any additional programming, simply plug it back it in and go!

Vehicles usually fitted with this unit:

Ford Focus
Fors C-Max

Turnaround Time:
We will send your unit back within 24 hours of receiving it, providing everything is straight forward.

NOTE: You will need to send us your unit and we will send send your repaired unit  back.

Warranty: 1 year

Please pack your unit in suitable packaging. We can’t take responsibility for any items damaged in transit due to poor packaging.

Drop off service available. Please CONTACT US for the details.